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We now accept credit cards!

For those who live in the Huntington Beach area, clogged drains are a common problem affecting home owners. Hair, grease, food, sewage, random debris–there is no shortage of potential blockages from foreign objects finding their way into drains, gathering together in areas that are difficult to reach, and causing a clog to form. This plumbing problem can originate in or out of the home, directly stopping the free flow of water from kitchen sinks, bathtubs, or even toilets. Regardless of what part of your home is backed up, we have the skills and experience to remedy your plumbing woes.

Routine Plumbing Problems

Drain cleaning and plumbing repair services in huntington beach and other cities

Complicating Common Clogs

When most people see a clog begin to take form–typically this is water draining slowly or toilets experiencing weak flushes–most people rush over to their computer or reach for their smartphone in hopes of finding a quick DIY solution to their problems. Though this may seem like a good idea in the moment, this is can often lead to a clog becoming progressively worse. These techniques, while they may purportedly solve the clog issue for some, may be highly conditional in order to work. For example, a remedy to clear a drain clogged with hair may not have the same solution as one clogged with food. When these methods fail, the next closest option is to reach for a drain cleaner. Even in instances where these corrosive mixes manage to free the pipe for a time, continued use of them could lead to pipes becoming damaged due to the chemical mixture. Our team has the training and experience to detect the correct type of clog affecting your pipes and know which method would work best to get it draining properly again.

Strong Odors:

Unusual odors may be difficult to detect in the bathroom at first, which may mean that a clogged sink or bathtub may go undetected for weeks at a time. This could even be the case with kitchen sinks, where any number of foods, especially raw meat, could mask the presence of an uncommon smell. But the presence of a strong, persistent foul odor is typically a sign of matter being collected relatively close to the mouth of the drain. However, due to the connectivity of pipes to a home, it could be an instance of a sewer trap that has been forced to remain open, causing the smell of human waste and garbage to travel up pipes from farther away. In the case of an open sewer trap, there are no easy fixes, as a faulty trap or foreign object could be forcing this to remain open, meaning a professional hand is necessary to make sure harmful odors and waste from finding its way into the home.

We're Huntington Beach Premiere Plumbing Experts!

Never has there been a clog too big for us to clear, no foul odor that we could remove. Thanks to an experienced team of qualified professionals, we've been able to satisfy the needs of our customers in the immediate Huntington Beach area. But our ability to service their needs only comes into play when they seek professional help. Plumbing problems can progress rapidly, meaning the first sign of a plumbing complication is the right time to seek professional assistance.

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